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Other Projects

These are projects of varying length that I have made in my time at the Game Assembly.

TGA Project 5

Thorwald's Lament

160 hours of work

This was our third project in the inhouse TGA2D engine, and the largest scale project in the engine.

I contributed with the following features:

  • Simple Wrapper for DearImgui to allow more window control

  • Level loading from the LDTK level builder, including enviornment and objects.

  • The final boss of the game, including it's tentacle arm minions.

  • The Scripted Event System

  • Particle System and editor

BBQ 5.png
TGA Project 3

Barbeque Battle Quest

160 hours of work

This was our first project in TGA's inhouse 2d engine and the first full project we wrote in c++.

I contributed with the following features:

  • Level Loading from the Tiled level builder, including environment and enemy waves

  • Enemy movment patterns system to allow designers to easily add new enemies

  • Various bullet patterns including exploding, homing and multiplying bullets.

  • Game States for pausing, menu, etc.

  • Bosses 2 and 3 (the bread and tomato boss)

TGA Project 2


80 hours of work

This is the only game I have developed for a mobile platform, using unity and motions controls.

I contributed with the following features:

  • Player camera movement with and without motion controls activated.

  • The Tutorial event system.

  • Class interface for touchable objects in the world

  • Camera movement between puzzles

TGA Project 1


80 hours of work

The very first game I developed at TGA, a runner game made in unity.

I contributed with the following features:

  • The AI behaviour of all the rats, including conhesion and obstacle avoidance

  • Player Controller and camera dolly spline

  • Rats jumping in a coordinated manner.

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