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Without a Trace

For our last project at The Game Assembly, we decided to make a dark and moody first person thriller. We wanted a surreal experience set during the prohibition. We decided to build the game in Unreal Engine because many of us were seeking internships at studios that utilized the engine already. In addition, we elected to use Hazelight games' AngleScript version of the engine to get an intermediate scripting language as a powerful aid to allow us to itterate quickly on our game ideas. My areas of responsiblity in the game were as follows:

  • I was responsible for engine function, including compiling and error fixing in Hazelight's AngleScript implementation, as well as teaching the rest of the group how to use it.

  • Implementing seamless portals, used continuously throught the game to disorient the player. The were implemented using C++ to be as performant as possible, because we knew it would be a big performance sink.

  • Implementing Enemy IK and procedural animations for running, jumping and landing.

  • Some animated materials as well as optimizing Unreal material graphs.

  • Code implementation for onscreen effects such as the damage effect.

  • Dynamically loading and unloading areas to keep the game continuous.

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