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Emil Moqvist Nygren


Game Programmer

About Me


I'm a passionate and driven programmer who loves learning and experimentation. My venture in to the language of computers started about 11 years ago with simple javascript and since then I have worked multiple projects using C++ and C#, ranging in scale from two day jams to professional game development. I'm experienced in multiple established game engines, like Unity and Unreal, as well as custom made engines using C++. I am a generalist with a passion for graphics programming and procedural generation. I am currently looking for a junior programming position!


Having graduated from the Game Assembly, I am proven in the following competences according to the Europass Certificate supplement:

  • Knowledge of C++ and script languages.

  • Knowledge of describing data structures and algorithms.

  • Knowledge of describing object-oriented development models.

  • Knowledge of software development processes.

  • Knowledge of linear algebra and underlying physics for game development.

  • Knowledge of the areas of application for frameworks for graphics and 3D programming.

  • Skills in organising, planning and producing computer games according to defined premises.

  • Skills in collaborating in groups and in relating to and acting on feedback.

  • Skills in formulating and following common goals and in cross-disciplinary communication.

  • Skills in programming functioning 2D and 3D games.

  • Skills in designing and constructing object-oriented software systems.

  • Skills in identifying weaknesses in software and developing solutions.

  • Competence to schedule, plan and complete game projects according to defined premises.

  • Competence to take responsibility for their own development in cross-disciplinary games projects.

  • Competence to develop software that is used to create interactive 2D and 3D worlds.

  • Competence to independently relate to their professional role at different types of games companies, with different development platforms.

  • Competence to collaborate across disciplines, prioritise the challenges of different professional categories and adapt their own work effort to them in the best way.

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